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Xultun, Guatemala

An ancient Mayan astronomy lab was recently discovered within a Guatemalan rainforest.

In a couple of my posts below, I talk about the Mesoamerican Long Count Calendar and its relationship to those civilizations studying the sky over long periods of time.

This calendar is amazing for an ancient people because it accurately predicts the 26,000 year cycle of axial precession of our planet.  The movements of the planet Venus and our Moon are also tracked over time.

The long count calendar, which originates with the Olmec civilization, was thought to have ended in December 2012.  However U.S. scientists working at a site in Guatemala have recently uncovered a calendar that shows the Sun cycles continuing for billions more years.  At this site named Xultun, located in Mayan ruins within a rainforest, an astronomy lab was also discovered which shows calculations drawn on the wall by ancient math/astronomy geeks.

Check out the imbedded links above for more information and pictures.found in a Mayan ruin in Guatemala

I have been following more research and articles to the mystery of the Sun’s poles going asymetric (which is happening this month, see post below) and apparently more researchers are correlating this with cooling events in the Earth’s past.

If you have been following the news at all, you are aware of the massive Sun spots we are now seeing that are ejecting solar flares at Earth.

may 2012 solar predict

The updated (May 2012) solar prediction chart from NASA is pictured to the left and we are almost at the peak of solar cycle 24.


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