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Unorthodox Thoughts

chewing gum for the mind

Professional thinker and researcher, amateur writer.  I have been interested in religion and myth since I was not more than 5 years old.  Since that time, I have been a believer, a non-believer and finally an agnostic (means I have an open mind).  Anyone who has taken a comparative religions course understands that ancient man shared many of the same passed down stories similair to ‘The Great Flood’, ‘Adam and Eve’, stories of flying craft and many others.  In many cases, there are some holistic patterns that can be used to correlate these stories to actual geological events such as sea level rise and glacial outburst.

I decided to start this blog as an alternative to publishing a coffee table book I was working on called ‘Unorthodox Thoughts’.  Perhaps if enough people like this blog I may still do that, but in the meantime I will stream some of my favorite unorthodox thoughts out a few days at a time.

There are links within the text that are best followed by opening a new tab to definitions, research and articles supporting some my correlations.



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